Our Immigration department is a well – established and highly regarded Immigration; Asylum; Nationality and Human Rights law practice. We have specialised in this area of practice for well over 25 years. Based in Maida Vale in London, we represent clients across the UK and internationally.

We are very experienced, highly motivated and competent to provide legal advice, assistance and representation on all aspects of UK Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law as well as Human Rights Law. We are driven by our commitment to our clients and by our desire to obtain the best results for them. As this is an area of law that is always changing clients need knowledgeable and competent lawyers to assist them in this complex area to achieve the best results for them.

Asylum and Human Rights Law

UK Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law is constantly changing and is currently in a state of flux. We advise those who originate from areas where there is conflict and whose lives are in danger as a result and as such have come here to seek protection either as refugees or for other humanitarian purposes.

Entry, Residence and Nationality Law

There have been a lot of changes to the rules relating to entry into the United Kingdom which has greatly complicated the procedures. We offer a comprehensive service to those seeking entry into the UK as family members, students or workers as well as those seeking to bring family members into the UK. We also assist those who seek to vary or extend their stay or seek residence.

British Nationality

There are many routes to British nationality. The mainly known routes are naturalisation and registration based on residency and place of birth. There are other less known routes too. We assist persons who wish to naturalize or register as British citizens based on residency and birth as well as those who wish to renounce their status as British nationals; we also help those who do not know whether they are British nationals and those who want to know whether indeed they qualify to become British at all.

EU Settlement Schemes :-

We advise and assist EU nationals and their non EU family members with any immigration issues that they may have in an area which has recently seen significant changes due to the impact of Brexit.

Leave Outside the Rules :-

Sometimes, your case does not fall within any set category. We can still explore the options with you and where appropriate assist you with applications which we make outside the Immigration Rules inviting the Home Office to exercise discretion in your favour.

How We Can Assist you :-

We can assist you in the following areas: –

  • Students applications and extension of visas for students
  • Points Based Scheme applications
  • Marriage; Civil Partnership and Unmarried Partnership Applications
  • Long Residence Applications: – based on lawful as well as those based on unlawful long residence
  • Domestic Violence Applications;
  • Entry Clearance Applications – all categories
  • Variation of Leave Applications;
  • Over Stayers: – Removals and Deportations; Revocation of Deportations Orders
  • Revocation of Extant Lawful Leave – e.g.: Refugee Status, Humanitarian Leave, or Settlement;
  • Unlawful Detention – Release and Bail as well as Compensation and Damages
  • All applications under EU Settlement Scheme including transitional cases
  • British Nationality Applications including Registration of Children as British national
  • All Appeals to the Tribunal relating to any of these applications
  • Judicial Review Challenges for Unlawful or Irrational decisions of the Home Office both to the Upper Tribunal as well as the Administrative court
  • Any onward appeals to the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords.
  • Statelessness applications
  • Immigration services to businesses (e.g. applications for certificates of sponsorship or confirmation of acceptance for studies).

When it has already gone wrong

We are also here to help. We often find that many clients have taken various steps in the wrong direction for instance whilst trying to do it themselves. Even in this situation, we can also help. We are able to advise and have successfully assisted many of those who for various reasons have overstayed their leave; those faced with deportation, those detained either lawfully or unlawfully; those whose applications are based solely on their human rights. Even when you feel that you have exhausted all your rights, it is always worth contacting us for a second opinion as we might spot something others might have missed out or be able to present your case from a different perspective than was the case previously – for instance, the law might have changed since your case was last refused, or indeed your circumstances might also have changed since your claim was last decided.

UK Immigration, Asylum and Nationality law is constantly changing and evolving. We are driven by our commitment to our clients. We keep up to date with these changes and are members of relevant Professional Associations to ensure that we are kept updated about the Law. We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

We offer competitive legal rates for privately paying clients but do not undertake Legal Aid cases.

Department Head

Louisa Agu – Immigration; Human Rights and Public Law

Louisa runs a busy department and has a wealth of experience in Immigration and Asylum law; Human Rights and Public Law cases. Having specialised in this field since 1999, she has been involved in complex and notable cases involving Asylum; Immigration; Human Rights and Public Law issues at all levels of the court system with several of her cases being conducted as country guidance cases. Louisa is respected for her attention to detail and tenacity in fighting for clients’ rights in her chosen areas. She can be contacted:

by e-mail at louisa@lawsol.co.uk or info@lawsol.co.uk or by telephone on 020 7266 4333.

Our Fees Schedule

2. SPOUSE AND PARTNER APPLICATIONS – including fiancé(e)s or proposed civil partners £1200 – 1500 exc. VAT and disbursements
3. PARENT ROUTE APPLICATIONS £1200 – £1500 exc. VAT and disbursements
4. DEPENDENT CHILD APPLICATIONS £1200 – £1500 exc. VAT and disbursements
5. LONG RESIDENCE APPLICATONS £1400 – £1800 exc. VAT and disbursements
6. ADULT DEPENDENT RELATIVES APPLICATIONS £1500 – £2000 exc. VAT and disbursements
7. APPLICATIONS MADE OUTSIDE THE RULES £1500 – £2000 exc VAT and disbursements
8. SETTLEMENT APPLICATIONS – ten year route £1500- 1700 exc VAT and disbursements
9. APPLYING TO COME AS A STUDENT – ten year route £900 – £1500 exc VAT and disbursements
10. DEPORTATION £1800 – £2500 exc VAT and disbursements
11. VISIT VISA APPLICATIONS – (for tourism; to visit family; for Medical Reasons; to visit on business; to visit to study; to visit as an academic) £900 – £1100 exc VAT and disbursements
12. APPLYING TO EXTEND STAY in some of these categories £1100 – £1300 exc VAT and disbursements
13. EUSS – Applying for Pre – Settled or Settled Status for European nationals and their family members £700 – £950 exc VAT and disbursements
14. NATIONALITY – Applying to become British nationals £750 – £950 exc VAT and disbursements
15. REGISTRATION – Applying for children to become British Nationals £700 – £950 exc VAT and disbursements
16. APPLYING FOR ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW £700 – £950 exc VAT and disbursements
17. APPEALS AGAINST REFUSAL OF THESE APPLICATIONS £1400 – £2500 exc VAT and disbursements
18. Travel Documents £350 – £450 exc VAT and disbursements
19. Replacement of BRP/ NTL £350 – £450 exc VAT and disbursements
20. Change of Name £150 – £200 exc VAT and disbursements


  1. WHAT IS INCLUDED IN OUR FEES :- Generally, our quoted fees cover work which include our time spent in :-
  • Initial meeting with the client – to take their instructions; exploring options and providing advice as to most appropriate application
  • Obtaining and considering documents and providing advice as to next steps
  • Preparing and agreeing applications; drafting statement and representations and agreeing with the client
  • Submitting the application and progressing it
  • advising the client on timelines and
  • considering decision on receipt, reporting on the outcome to the client and advising as to any next steps before closing the file.
  1. APPLICATIONS WITH MORE THAN ONE FAMILY MEMBER :- please note that applications for more than one family member will attract an extra 50 % charge per additional member of the family.
  1. WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED :- These are other fees which might fall due depending on the nature of the application being made. They are required to be paid separately as they arise and are charged in addition to our quoted fees. They include fees such as
  • any Home Office fees for making the application;
  • IHS fees required to be paid in order to gain access to use of NHS services on grant of leave;
  • court fees;
  • counsel’s fees;
  • country Expert fees;
  • Medical Expert fees;
  • mileage costs and travel expenses;
  • interpreters fees and translation costs.

Please be aware that this list is not exhaustive. We will discuss and agree these fees with you specifically before we instruct or incur the additional fees.

  1. ON INTERPRETER FEES:- often clients will bring a relative; friend or another trusted member of their community to help interpret for them. This is often acceptable depending on ability and the nature of the attendance. We do require qualified interpreters for certain specific tasks such as agreeing a statement. Please note that we will be happy to instruct interpreters on behalf of a client if asked to do so but clients do not have to use an interpreter of the firm’s choosing. Where the clients ask us to find an interpreter for them, please note that the interpreter’s fees are additional and are paid as disbursements. Interpreters charge their fees on an hourly rate basis. Their rates vary from £20 .00 per hour to £40.00 per hour. The length of time they are needed for depends on the circumstances of each case including its complexity and the vulnerability or otherwise of a particular client. Clients may sometimes only need a couple of hours with an interpreter; in other applications they may need eight to ten hours where for instance there is a need to provide a statement. The range for these applications on average would be between four hour and ten hours. Ultimately the number of hours needed will vary depending on the complexities of the case. Where there are documents to translate, the fees range from £15 per page to £40.00 per page depending on the complexity of the document.
  1. VALUE ADDED TAX: – (VAT) :- please note that all the figures given exclude VAT which is currently charged at 20%. Please note also that charging VAT in relation to immigration matters is complex and depends on where the client lives and what immigration permission they have. Please note that we will confirm, whether VAT (at a prevailing rate which is currently 20%) is payable when we have been instructed and are therefore able to know if VAT is properly chargeable.
  1. REASON FOR RANGE IN THE FEES QUOTED :- Immigration Applications are very diverse and some are very complex. Some of the following factors contribute to increase the number of hours needed to progress a particular application and affect where the applications fall within the range quoted. These factors include but are not limited to complexities specific to an applicant; Immigration History; whether it is a first-time applicant or extensions; whether there are multiple dependents (e.g several children or extended family members), the language of the client, the number of supporting documents or witnesses, possible attendance at a Home Office interview, and whether it is a fast tracked / premium application.
  1. TIMESCALES :- We will normally be able to submit your application within a period of 2 – 4 weeks of you instructing us depending on provision of all supporting evidence and paperwork requested. We will let you know at the earliest opportunity if it is likely to take longer than this. We will always however ensure that applications are made before any important Immigration deadlines.
  1. URGENT CASES :- we are able to prioritize applications where there is the need to meet tighter deadlines. We will discuss and agree this during the initial consultations process.
  1. HOME OFFICE TIMESCALES :- we are unable to guarantee how long the Home Office will take to process your application. This has become more so as they have said that Covid – 19 pandemics has stretched their resources. This has since been made worse lately by the Afghan Crisis and compounded even further by the war in Ukraine. As a result, the Home Office have recently been suspending some of their priority services along with some of their service standards for some of the applications. Please click the link for their current processing times. Read their current processing times. We will discuss the prevailing timescales on instruction.
  1. HOURLY RATE CASES :- Most of our work is done on a fixed fee basis as detailed above. If however work is carried out on an hourly rate basis then our hourly rates will apply. These can range from £175 plus vat to £300 plus vat depending on the level of experience of the staff member dealing with your case. All fees are quoted exclusive of VAT which where applicable is applied at 20 %.
  1. OTHER APPLICATIONS :- we are also able to assist you with the following other applications and will discuss and agree fees for these applications to take account of all the facts during the initial consultation process.