Our Immigration department is a well – established and highly regarded Immigration; Asylum; Nationality and Human Rights law practice. We have specialised in this area of practice for well over 20 years. We are based in Maida Vale in London and we represent clients across the UK and internationally

We are very experienced, highly motivated and competent to provide legal advice, assistance and representation on all aspects of UK Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law as well as Human Rights Law.

We advise and assist EEA nationals and members of their family with any immigration issues that they may have – this area of the law is currently in the state of flux and non EEA family members in particular need knowledgeable and competent lawyers to assist them in this complex area to achieve the best results.

There are many routes to British nationality.  The mainly known routes are naturalisation and registration based on residency and place of birth.  However there are other less known routes.  We will assist persons who wish to naturalize or register as British citizens based on residency and birth as well as those who wish to renounce their status as British nationals; we also help those who do not know whether they are British nationals and those who want to know whether indeed they qualify to become British at all.

We advise those whose lives are in danger in their home country and as such have come here to seek protection as refugees or humanitarian protection.

Sometimes, your case does not fall within any set category and we can still assist you with applications which we make outside the rules inviting the Home Office to exercise discretion in your favour.

We also advise and assist those who are currently outside the U.K but who wish to enter the country – whether as visitors, family members; dependent relatives, or parents who wish to come to the country simply to exercise their rights of access to their UK resident children.

What we can do for you

We can assist you in the following areas of immigration practice:

  • Family settlement applications :- parents; grandparents; siblings etc.;
  • Asylum applications including fresh claims; exclusions; cancellations; revocations and cessation of refugee status
  • Human rights applications: – right to life and freedom from torture and degrading treatment cases as well as private and family life cases.
  • We can assist also when there are interplays between extradition and immigration cases as well as between family and immigration law cases
  • Students applications and extension of visas’ for students
  • Points based Scheme applications
  • Marriage; Civil partnership and unmarried partnership applications
  • Long residence applications: – based on lawful as well as those based on unlawful long residence
  • Domestic violence applications;
  • Entry clearance applications – all categories
  • Variation of leave applications;
  • Over Stayers:- removals and Deportations; revocation of deportations orders
  • Revocation of already existing lawful leave – e.g.: refugee status, humanitarian leave, or settlement;
  • Unlawful detention – release and bail as well as compensation and damages
  • All applications under EEA law
  • British nationality applications including registration of children as British national
  • All appeals to the Tribunal relating to any of these applications
  • Judicial review challenges to unlawful or irrational decision of the Home Office both to the Upper Tribunal as well as the Administrative court
  • Any onward appeals to the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords.

When it has already gone wrong

We are also here to help. We often find that many clients have taken various steps in the wrong direction.  When they find themselves in this unfortunate situation, we can also help.  We are able to advise and have successfully assisted many of those who for various reasons have overstayed their leave; those faced with deportation, those detained either lawfully or unlawfully; those whose applications are based solely on their human rights.   Even when you feel that you have exhausted all your rights, it is always worth contacting us for a second opinion as we might spot something others might have missed out or be able to present your case from a different perspective than was the case previously – for instance, the law might have changed since your case was last refused, or indeed your circumstances might also have changed since your claim was last decided.

UK Immigration, Asylum and Nationality law is constantly changing and evolving. We are driven by our commitment to our clients to get the best results for our clients.  We keep up to date with these changes and are members of relevant professional bodies and associations to ensure that we are updated about the law. We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

If you need advice in relation to your family immigration; business immigration; asylum, human rights; student visas’; work permits – indeed all immigration law related matters, please contact Louisa Agu, who can be reached either by e-mail at louisa@lawsol.co.uk  or by telephone on 020 7266 4333.  She will be happy to assist.

We are also happy to discuss our fees on demand.

Fee Table

Our Team

Louisa Agu – Immigration; Human Rights and Public Law

Louisa runs a busy department and has a wealth of experience in Immigration law; human rights and public law cases. Having specialised in this field since 1999, she has been involved in complex and notable cases involving Asylum; Immigration; Human Rights and public law issues at all levels of the court system with several of her cases reported as country guidance cases. Louisa is respected for her attention to detail and tenacity in fighting for clients’ rights in her chosen fields.